September 20TH
  1. Registration

  2. Welcome

  3. The Past, Present, and Future of Rails at GitHub

    Eileen Uchitelle
  4. Going native with FFI

    Juan Carlos Ruiz
  5. Break

  6. Building a customer facing analytics platform

    Laura Kirby
  7. Golf scripting with Ruby: helping Santa schedule Christmas

    Ely Alvarado
  8. Lunch

  9. Programming salsa

    Guilherme Manzur
  10. Optimización de Rails para mortales

    Uriel Hernandez
  11. Break

  12. Finding balance of DDD while your application grows

    Carolina Karklis
  13. High availability by offloading work - background jobs, message queues, or Kafka

    Kerstin Puschke
September 21ST
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  2. Cache is king

    Molly Struve
  3. Protección de contenido de video con Ruby

    Joel Ibaceta
  4. Break

  5. Parsing and Rewriting Ruby templates

    John Hawthron
  6. Enter the source, creating VR experiences with HTML and Javascript

    Juan Caicedo
  7. Lunch

  8. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up ActiveRecord Allocations

    Richard Schneeman
  9. Lightning talks

  10. Break

  11. Getting ready for internationalisation, Shopify's case study

    Edouard Chin
  12. Compacting GC for MRI

    Aaron Patterson
  13. Closing remarks

  14. After Party